Anger of Stick 5: Zombie (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Stickman series games became a phenomenon for Android and iPhone. Here we present the referred to as Stickman 5 but which is called Anger of Stick 5 (Stickman). A beat, ’em-up action game with RPG elements, but where the most goal is perhaps to fight, and not leave one enemy alive. A good beat-em-up from the Stickman series The game, as was common in Stickman games, includes tons of action: you’ll face all the enemies with all types of punches, kicks, and combinations which we’ll transform into legal stickman. As a plus, we discover that we’ll need to look out of saving prisoners and taking care of them. Additionally, on the way we’ll find coins, weapons, and elixirs to heal you and assist you achieve all the risks. Varied scenario: walk the streets and enter buildings filled with dangers. Find all types of weapons to eliminate your enemies like machine guns or robots which will cause you to practically invincible. Recruit companions and form groups of 4 stickmans. Take advantage of your character’s agile and realistic movements. Experiment with transformations like that of the Hulk. Zombie mode: everything is the same except the enemies, who are zombies.


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