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Are you ready to face truth evil – the scary killer clown? Will you be able to solve all the puzzles that are expecting you on the trail to flee in this horrors stories? You’ll need to play hide and seek thereupon monster and undergo all the hard quests to survive throughout the night!

Explore a dark amusement lunar park: old abandoned buildings, a horrifying hospital, dark basements, mysterious mazes, and creepy circus, all this scares goosebumps.

Feeling you’re alone there? During this terrible adventure game you won’t ever find yourself being alone, because it’ll always be at your back… Put your attention on secret quests and hidden objects during this dreadful game – the sole. Thanks to stay alive is to cover first and run away after this massacre!

Solve puzzles and search, collect and use items to know the horror story and shake the haunted house, an evil clown.

Do not make a bang and take care because the important evil neighbor killer-clown might see or hear you! It kills everyone who gets in its way! Keep your eyes open and use covering to cover from this deadly maniac to remain alive. Attempt to track its movements, otherwise, it’ll find, scare and kill you!


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